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The countryside of Epirus, Greece is rich in olive orchards, eclectic fruit trees, home grown vegetables, fresh cheeses, and homemade yogurt. This is home to both, executive John  and Angela Ikonomou, whom grew up to appreciate fresh ingredients and the food it produces – setting the foundations for Galini.

Located at the intersection of Langley and Surrey, Galini prides itself on honest and wholesome homemade cooking and grilling. John’s recipes focus’ on uncomplicated cooking practices inspired by the countryside of Greece.

Opening its doors in 2005, Galini is not only a realization of the couple’s lifelong dream, but a synthesis of John and Angela’s 30 year restaurant career.

Beginning in 1975, John Ikonomou moved to Canada, training in commercial kitchens for several years before applying his passion of homemade cooking towards his first restaurant. The Stevenson (Richmond) restaurant was a partnership with John’s older brother in the 1970s and its success led to the two brothers branching into separate paths. Since then, John launched two more highly acclaimed restaurants – one in 1990 and the other in 1996. Galini became the fourth restaurant.

From January 2017, Galini Greek kouzina & Grill continues to be operated by the new Owner George Paliatsos with his family    


brief on greek food

Thanks to a long history of trade between greeks and other coastal nations, combined with a warm climate and lush terrain, regional Greek food is extremely diverse – arguably more so than any other cuisine. Local ingredients are plentiful, and include olives, artichokes, oregano, spinach, tomatoes, basil, and rosemary to name a few. What links the food together is the combination of aromatic herbs with simple grilled meats and melt in your mouth roasts.

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